Feb/March 2014 Events

Hey guys!!!!

As spring approaches, so many amazing events are happening in the next few months that I am djing and or throwing with my party pals The House of Babes. Here is a quick list of what is for sure to be a guaranteed good time….

Friday, March 21st, 2014 UHAUL SF


Uhaul SF is a “girls who love girls” kinda party and is super fun. I had a blast the last time I spun and I can’t wait to join them again for their 1 year anniversary. Also word is that you can enter to win tickets to see TEGAN AND SARA (be still my teenage lesbian heart) at Dianah Shore. Jolene (who hosts the party) is a total doll and also takes photos on 3rd Thursdays for mine and Dj Andres party Switch Tuesdays!!

You can RSVP to Uhaul here.





Speaking of Switch Tuesdays at Qbar………


The Photo booth is officially back every last Tuesday of the month, with rotating back drop artists and our new photographer Meg Allen. Her work is pretty incredible. You should defintely check out her work, or better yet, like her Facebook page, or better yet come get your photo taken by her next Tuesday.
You can RSVP for Switch here


March 28th 2014 //The House of Babes Presents: TT THE ARTIST with DOUBLE DUCHESS & The hosue of Babes Djs// The Loft at Public Works// tickets at thehouseofbabes.com


The House of Babes is a quarterly event collective thrown my by myself, Stay Gold & Swagger Like Us. After throwing our MASSIVE pride event last year, we decided to keep on at it and have thrown 3 events since. This march we are flying out TT The ARTIST, a super rad up and coming hip hop artist from Baltimore. She’s worked with big names like Diplo and Austrailia’s Swick & Murder Mark. Her jamz and live performance be FIERCE. Double Duchess will be opening the show performing tracks off their newly released Ep NOCTURNAL (to be release March 18th) , which actually just got a cute write up in SPIN magazine. (So proud of you BBS!) You can RSVP to the event & find links for tickets here. I am so freaking excited for this show and this video basically just says it all…

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